IT Solutions For Your Business

If you are looking for an IT Partner to solve your IT Infrastructure services.

Software & Hardware Solutions

Hardware and Software Solutions enable software developers, application users and solution providers to optimize their applications on reliable, branded and customized hardware platforms. Certified technicians can support and troubleshoot all of the necessary hardware to keep your network performing at an optimum level. Our comprehensive suite of hardware and software integration solutions and worldwide logistics services span the entire hardware manufacturing life cycle.

Network Solutions

Embracing automation is no longer an option; it is becoming almost a requirement in virtually any IT field. Automation will give us more time to think about network architecture, design, and plan for its capacity.
 Configure equipment automatically – Workstations, distribution, access, and core equipment can be configured without human interaction.
 Test the state of the network – Automated validation and testing tasks can be deployed on the network. Testing connections, new protocols, stress tests, the software can all be performed by AI.
 Compliance checks – Automation software can perform daily checks on network configurations to fulfil a set of compliance and regulation standards.
 Other routinely tasks – Network automation tools can also schedule automatic network config backups and scans.

IT Collaboration

Biz Orion Consulting supports your digital workplace transformation journey from the network infrastructure, legacy systems and integration, and hybrid cloud implementations. With our Unified Communications and Collaboration Services help customers reduce their operational complexity while enabling a flexible path to more integrated and agile collaboration solutions.
With our solutions, you can provide the latest tools employees want, while also benefiting from significant cost savings with cloud-based solutions. We leverage years of experience managing collaboration solutions at scale for large, global customers to help enterprises through the management of change associated with deploying new solutions.

Cloud Reseller

All instances can be managed easily via user-friendly control panels. Reseller Cloud users benefit from the extensive services of Biz Oiron, including features such as up/downsizing, monitoring, statistic tools and much more.